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Inflammation & Disease

Inflammation is a defense mechanism and a vital part of the body’s immune reaction to foreign invaders. Upon stimulation, the immune system recognizes infected cells, pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, and then begins to act against them. However, if the inflammatory mechanism goes beyond normal limits where it is not required, then the body could experience inflammation. There are two types of inflammatory reactions including acute and chronic inflammation. Several natural anti-inflammation compounds such as curcumin, capsaicin and colchicine have been used against different types of inflammation.

About Our Research

We are diverting classic medicinal research towards state of the art modern drug development programs by approaching genomic medicinal research which is bringing new advances in plant-based medicine.

Medicinal Advances

In recent time, phyto-therapy research became fast-paced and has gained a dynamic momentum. Use of plant-based derivatives is getting a lot of interest. Research on phyto-therapy against inflammation has many promising results.



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